Grocery Shop

No Name of business Name of owner Business address Details of production Telephone Number
1 Fish based pickle Ketheeswaran Siyanamary Amman Kovil Veethi, Linganagr, Trincomalee Fish based pickle 0716413644
2 Light food items P.P.Terrence No 64, Customs road, Trincomalee. Jam, Cake, Rolls, Pizza and Cool drinks. 026 4922983
078 6221716
3 Decorative Materials Joyce Wijitha Kodeeswaran 140/39, Sea view road, Trincomalee. Plastic trees, dolls, gift materials and sarees. 026 2222237
078 6221716
4 Preparation of food items  Suthharan Kavitha Ward no 3, Nilveli, Trincomalee. Chutney Varieties, Marmite Confectionery, Swiss Rolls and Rice flour cake. 060 2263691
077 6179787   
5 Decorative Materials Rita Cross Marry 6th Mile post, Kappalthurai, Trincomalee. Boxes, Boxof Match, Flower vase and Stitched dresses.  
6 Wood Work Velautham Paapathi 6th Mile post, Kappalthurai, Trincomalee. Spade, Axe, Picas, Large spoons, Broom sticks and Wooden handles.  
07 Food items Subramaniam Kusumawathie 6th Mile post, Kappalthurai, Trincomalee. Food items  
08 Food items Sivagnanam Thanaledchumy 6th Mile post, Kappalthurai, Trincomalee. Tea, sherbet, bred items, lime fruit jam and Chillies mixed with curd  
9 Palmyra leaf products Marriyathas Nisanthini 1129, Palaiyoothu, Trincomalee. Palmyra leaf products. 077 4079775
10 Sports Materials S.Vijayarajah 62, Vidyalayam Road, Trincomalee. Sports goods, Printing, Challenge cups, Medals, Ceramic cups, Key tags, Hats and Tee-shirts. 026 5673017
077 3636793
11 Handioom  Products   Department of Industries VTC,Uppuveli,Trincomalee Handioom Fibre Products 026 223543
12 Fancy Goods A..R.M.Thaslim 319/B, Court Road,Trincomalee Umbrells Sports Goods Decorative Mterials
Household Materials Mke –Up, Cosmetic Materials
13 Screen Printing J.Jehiya 41,Moor Street ,Trincomalee Printing Textile  Printing Banners Graphic Designing Stickers Work PVC Printing 0773206565
14 Corl Works R,M Curaiz 74,Sinnapillaichenai, Vellamanal, Trincomalee Products Made of Shells,Corals 0773206565
15 Eating House Sunthararajh Kulaseelan 15,Central Rod,Orrs Hill, Trincomalee Food Items Short  Eate  Soft drinks 0262222406
16 Short –Eat Preparation S.A..Muthalif 91,Ganesh Lane ,Sinhapur, Trincomalee Musket Gulukorasa Poonthosi 0785360453
17 Agricultural Products Thangrajah Santhakumar 66,A,Main Street,Trincomalee Seeds Plants Agricultural Products 0602265109
18 Sale Of Grments S.Umadevi Thirumalpuram,Periyakulam,Trincomalee Sorties Small Dresses  
19 Decorative Materials Thurairaah Sumathi 6 th Milepost, Periykulam ,Nilveli,Trincomalee Decorative Materials 0264900684
20 Clothing J.Rohan Nnesha 6th Milepost, Periykulam ,Nilveli,Trincomalee Salwar Saris Pillow Covers 0264900684
21 Dress Making Jemannan Siloginy 5th Milepost,Periyakulam, Nilaveli, Tricomlee Salwar Saris For  adornment 0716143622
22 Bisscuit Production Silverstar Suganthy 6th Milepost, Periyakulm ,Nilaveli,Trincomalee Biscuits 0264900684
23 Dress ,Materials For Decoration R.Salima Umma Ward No,01,Nilaveli, Trincomalee Screen Printng Garlands ,Key-Tage From Sea Shells Palmyra Leaf  Products Pillow Coveers Bed Sheet Tee-Shirt Printing Work 0264907511
24 Sewing Work M.Juliet 24,Velankanni Rod Paliyoothu , Trincomalee Sewing Nightie Skirt Blouse Pillow Cover Dress for Children  
25 Sewing Work Sujitha Chandrapala 247Anpuvallipuram, Trincomalee Sewing Nightie Skirt Blouse Pillow  Cover Cushion Dress 0602262294
26 Jam Production S.M.Nasleen 133,/6,Mohmediyar Nagar ,Mudcove,Trincomalee Jam Productions 0602260578
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