JobsNet is the implementation of initiative 7 – Creating an Employment Sourcing and Delivery System- under the National Employment Policy of Sri Lanka.
The National Employment Sourcing & Delivery System of Sri Lanka is a referral system benefiting jobseekers, local and foreign employers and self-employment seekers by providing referrals for jobs and training, information, advice and Career Guidance. It is an on-line referral system with a web interface at
JobsNet is a Tripartite Partnership among the government, employers and trade Unions represents an innovation in the area of employment services. Private management partners are,

1. Employers Federation of Ceylon
2. Ceylon Chamber of Commerce

3. Federation of Chamber of Commerce and Industries

Representatives from the government of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka who shall be,

1. Ministry of Labour Relations and Manpower
2. Ministry of Vocational and Technical Training

3. Ministry of Youth Affairs

Three members from the Trade Unions/ Worker Representative organizations through,

Sri Lanka Nidahas Sewaka Sangamaya
Sri Lanka Jathika Sewaka Sangamaya

Ceylon Federation of Labour
JobsNet Services for Employers
    • Undertaking of entire recruitment and selection process
    • Provide staff members for back office functions
    • Quick recruitment and selection assistance
    • Vacancy Advertising
    • Access to a wide range of jobseekers
    • Competency testing in English and PC skills soft skills training
    • Head Hunting

Sri Lanka JobsNet Ltd
300,Central Road

Support provided by ICTA
Implemented by HITESDO, Sri Lanka